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Welcome to the American Kenpo Training System Website

Master John Sepulveda 

Founder And President Of The A.K.T.S. 

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About The AKTS

The American Kenpo Training System (AKTS) was founded by John Sepulveda, Master in the Art. Mr. Sepulveda has trained in Kenpo since the early 1960's, studying directly with Senior Grandmaster Edmund Parker, the founder of American Kenpo Karate. Mr. Sepulveda was chosen by his students, to lead them into the 21st Century with the formation of the AKTS.


In August of 2002 a group of John Sepulveda's senior Black Belts approached him about forming a new Association. This organization would formalize his students as becoming part of an exclusive group of Kenpoist, dedicated to preserving and evolving in Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate, through actively training, regardless of belt rank or time in the Art. With 9th Degree Black Belt John Sepulveda at the helm, the American Kenpo Training System (LLC) was formed in January 2003 and incorporated as a Limited Liability Corporation, (hence the unspoken "LLC" following the name.)


The quality and availability of training earmark the American Kenpo Training System. Training is the shared value that binds the members together. Unless injured, sitting on the sidelines is not an option. We grow and evolve through our training, learning and exploring the many facets of American Kenpo. With over 50 schools affiliated world wide. Under the AKTS umbrella in Europe, we have over 20 member schools in 8 countries, affiliated through Edward Downey's European Kenpo Karate Association.   We continue to grow and have over 30 schools in the United States today.


"We train together, we sleep together, we eat together" is a quote from Mr. Sepulveda, at the 9th annual John Sepulveda Spirit Camp in Donnelly, Idaho in 2003. This represents another facet of the shared values of the AKTS. When students struggled to complete the mile run (we were over a mile high in the mountains in Idaho), fellow students assisted them. As they arrived, the rest of the camp applauded the effort shown by all, as the last member finished. Everyone Tries - Everyone Trains, regardless of rank. The children and juniors always enter the dining hall first and are served and eating before the adults. This exemplifies the level of care and support shown to students, and the truly humble nature of Mr. Sepulveda.


The American Kenpo Training System and it's affiliates offer:
A great value is placed on professional personal responses from staff in a timely manner;
Affordability, for both individual and school membership; Affordable Association Crests, and patches; Discounts at AKTS seminars for members. Annual Association training camps, Currently In Donnelly, Idaho.

Membership in the AKTS is not exclusive. It's members can have dual affiliation with other Kenpo, Professional, or Martial Arts organizations; Affordable merchandise (T-Shirts, caps, etc.); Professional support regarding curriculums and material.

The AKTS seeks to offer it's members additional opportunities and incentives for perpetuating Kenpo through Training. We do not intend to exclude members due to the expenses typically incurred when joining large organizations. A great value is placed on customer satisfaction to it's individual members and member schools.


The AKTS patch, exclusively designed and trademarked for Mr. Sepulveda, with exacting detail. It keeps fresh in our minds and hearts, where Kenpo Karate originated. Although the shape of the patch is exactly the same as the original IKKA patch designed by Mr. Parker, the three dimensional aspect lends a depth, to the universal pattern, tiger and dragon. This is symbolic of the depth of knowledge that the AKTS shares with it's membership.


The AKTS is not for everyone, nor does it try to be. If your idea of Kenpo, and the values you share are similar, then you can be considered for membership in either the U.S. or European affiliate. Contact information for our membership director is on the "Contact" page or contact the nearest AKTS school or instructor in your area.


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