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Welcome to the American Kenpo Training System Website

Master John Sepulveda 

Founder And President Of The A.K.T.S. 

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 July / August Events & Seminars

July 15th
Seminar with Sigung Stephen LaBounty
Port Orchard, WA
Mr. Tom Graves or Mrs. Byanca Graves
E-mail: kenpo@pokk.org

Click here for Flyer and Seminar Info

July 28th - 30th
 John Sepulveda's West Coast Spirit Camp
Newport, WA
Contact: Mylisa Chrisp  - Camp Director

E-mail: mylisac71@gmail.com
Click here to download flyer (PDF)
Click here for Reg. Appl.


August 11th - 13th
Gathering of Eagles
Dallas, TX
Click Below for Event Registration and Information


AKTS School Spot light

Shane Thomas is a native of Anderson, South Carolina. In 2006, he earned a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Anderson University. His work experience includes many years of security in various locations, such as; Retail Loss Prevention and College Campus Safety Officer. Currently Mr Thomas is a South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) security officer. He is a supervisor at one of many sites contracted through American Services, Inc. Mr Thomas' Kenpo journey began in 2004 in the Tracy's System of Kenpo. Upon obtaining his third degree brown belt, he sought out instruction in Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate. For the training he desired, he would routinely travel on average three to six hours once to twice weekly. At that time, his instructor, Tim Kinney, 2nd degree black belt in American Kenpo gave him the requirements needed under the standards of the American Kenpo Training System (AKTS) to reach first degree brown belt. In 2009, Mr Kinney closed the doors to his school. At this point Master John Sepulveda accepted Mr Thomas as a personal student. In 2009, South Carolina Kenpo Karate opened its doors. Accountability is the foundation in this school. As the head instructor, Mr Thomas not only holds himself and his students accountable for their training and professionalism, but encourages his students to take accountability for themselves. This is a necessity for ensuring quality.

Currently in 2017, Mr Thomas is a third degree black belt under Master John Sepulveda. Master Sepulveda is the President and Founder of the AKTS. Mr Thomas consistently travels attending numerous camps and seminars and occasionally teaching at select events through the AKTS. To maintain and further his knowledge he continues private lessons throughout the year with Master Sepulveda. Through this active training and education Mr Thomas continues his journey with the same values and standards he started with in order to uphold the integrity of Ed Parker's American Kenpo, the AKTS and South Carolina Kenpo Karate.



South Carolina Kenpo Karate
108 Thompson Rd
Pendleton, SC 29670
Phone: (864) 353- 4328
Contact: Shane Thomas
E-mail: Thomaskenpo@yahoo.com


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